Russian & Chechen Military Commanders Call for Ukrainian Soldiers to Surrender via Radio Broadcast – Donetsk

English Subtitles and Full Transcript by Bluecat

14th March 2022

Donetsk Republic Radio Broadcast
Russian & Chechen Military Commanders call for Ukrainian surrender in Donbass region / Donetsk.

This was sent to us by a friend who has military / intel contacts in Moscow and Ukraine.

English translation transcript:

00:00 – 01:28 -> Russian Commander

“The leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic are contacting you. The division of the armed forces of Russian Federation and Donetsk People’s Republic have reached the administrative borders of the Donetsk Region.

The city of Mariupol is blocked from all sides, you are completely surrounded.

We don’t want uneccesary sacrifices.

You are given the opportunity to refuse to participate in hostilities and voluntarily lay down your arms. You can leave the city through the humanitarian corridor along the Taganrog highway in the direction of Bezymenny and Novoazoys’k.

Hundreds of your comrades in the 36th and 53rd brigades of the VCU (Ukrainian Army) voluntarily laid down their arms refusing to carry out criminal orders and participate in battles.

Now their lives are not in danger and they’re in acceptable living conditions, fed and warm. All those in need are provided with qualified medical assistance.

They are also given the opportunity to contact relatives.

After the end of the active phase of hostilities (battle regimen) all of those Ukrainian fighters who voluntarily renounced resistance will be returned to their families alive and well.

If you want to save your life and return back home, detach the magazine from your weapon,
and hang it on your left shoulder with the barrel pointing down. Raise your arms above your head with a white cloth and move towards our positions.

Leadership and command of the Donetsk People’s Republic guarantees you safety and protection.”

01:29 – 2:06 -> Chechen Commander

“Slavik brothers, we are Chechnyans and have come to set you free.

We came to free you from the Nazi infection and the corrupt Kiev authorities. We don’t fight women, children and civilians.

But we do not forgive our enemies. We want peace, we don’t want blood.

Soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine (VCU), we urge you to lay down your arms. Don’t become our blood enemies. This is how you save the lives of your loved ones.

We guarantee that everyone who leaves the city voluntarily will stay alive.

Our enemies will be destroyed in the name of Allah!”

Russian commander [Repeat]
“Soldiers and officers of the armed forces of Ukraine (VCU), the leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic are contacting you.”

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