Dr Richard Fleming PhD – BioNtech Pfizer “Vaccine” Causes Blood Oxygen Desaturation and Clotting – Calls for Immediate Cessation of Rollout

Research Study on BioNtech Pfizer “Vaccine” Reveals Clear Evidence of Blood Oxygen Desaturation and Clotting

27th October 2021

Kevin W. McCairn, PhD and Dr Richard Fleming PhD, MD. JD have conducted a scientific investigation into how red blood cells react to the BioNtech Pfizer “vaccine” and have recorded their results, which show clear evidence that it causes harm when introduced into the human body by desaturating the blood of oxygen and discolouration and clotting of the blood cells.

Whereas Dr Fleming was keen to point out that they found no evidence of ‘three-legged creatures’ (as he put it) vis-a-vis Dr Zalewski, they did nevertheless discover pieces of “garbage” under the microscope that should not be in the “vaccine”.

Dr Fleming wrote to Pfizer on three occasions expressing his concerns on antibody dependent enhancement, potential for gene therapy interactions, and that the lipid nano-particles cross the blood brain barrier, but received no response to his written communications from Pfizer.

He did the same thing with Moderna, contacting them three times from 30th January and again received no response from Moderna.

Dr Fleming also said that one of the main problems for all of us is that we have been depending on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who had reviewed these “vaccines” and considered them safe for use under Emergency Use Authorisation. The key point here is that the FDA is responsible for protecting the health of the public and ensuring the safety of these medical products, but that they had failed in this and that these products should never have passed their quality controls.

Based on their findings Dr Fleming is calling for the immediate halt to the rollout of the “vaccines” until these safety issues can be addressed citing them as unsafe for the general public.



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