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Dr Adil – Consultant General – NHS Whistleblower

11th May 2020

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil recently posted a video on Youtube which was subsequently banned. In it Dr Adil explained that as result of 3 months research concluded that the Coronavirus is a hoax and also blew the whistle on the devastating plans for the NHS.

I’ve painstakingly transcribed every word he said in his video and added English subtitles.

This is a must watch exposé

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil
Consultant General,
Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon
Bachelor of Medicine
Bachelor of Surgery
Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
Chief Organiser & Founder Global Nishtarians Organisation

Full Transcription

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and families and colleagues, good evening. I am Mr Mohammed Iqbal Adil, I am Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon working in one of the teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom for the last thirty years.

I am Chairman of two International medical organisations having taught thousands of members of it. My main interest is in teaching, training, research, publication and to help out humanity during humanitarian crises, charity and human relief activities all over the world.

The recent so-called “pandemic” of coronavirus has created an extraordinary humanitarian crisis all over the world, and 7.8 billion people are terribly affected which is a matter of concern for all of us medical graduates and professionals for the public and human beings.

For the last two months the entire world has been locked down, they are in home arrest, they have been isolated threatened by the pandemic of the coronavirus. The businesses are all shut down, there’s a lot of travel restrictions by trains, by planes or by public transport, all the small and large businesses are all clamped down and it’s an extraordinary situation where all the schools are closed and 1.8 billion children in 180 countries are affected where families, children are at home and they are going through a very difficult situation which is causing a lot of uncertainty, fear and humanitarian catastrophe.

Now the question arrives, does the coronavirus exist? The answer is no. After all the research made in the last 3 months we have come to this conclusion that the coronavirus is actually a hoax created by the hunger games society which I explain in my last conversation with you… that the… there is a pyramid where the 1 to 2 percent people are controlling the 98 to 99 percent of the public all over the world and in the middle of the pyramid is a vicious and merciless police, military and bureaucracy.

The poor public has no support by these law and order maintenance authorities because they
work not for the public, they work for this top 1 – 2 percent filthy rich and enormously effected people sitting at home.

Going back to the pandemic of the coronavirus originally from Wuhan, China in January 2020. The Chinese noticed that there were 100, 250 people who were dying due to… who were actually having the flu like symptoms, and like a chest infection, upper and lower respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, fever. And they tested the bronchial secretion from their lungs and larynx. And they found no virus in their secretions, but they found a genetic material from the secretions taken from their lungs, and they named that secretion as COVID-19.

So far, not a single researcher has been able to identify the coronavirus itself, what they are testing is… with the test which the Chinese have introduced RT PCR which America, UK, the rest of Europe and the World is performing to check whether someone is covid positive or not. The very tricky statement when they give for somebody being covid positive – they write the report as: “this person is test positive for covid 19”, but they never write the report like this person is “corona positive”… “coronavirus positive”, which is a very tricky business, they have been to told to write this type of report.

And when the pathologist sees the secretions taken from those pharynx and larynx and he identifies the same picture of those secretions taken from the lung fluid… like… they name it “covid-19” which they call so-called “corona virus”, but actually it’s not a coronavirus.

This is actually a EXOSOME of the damaged and destroyed cells as a result of stress, as the entire world is going through. As a result of chest infection, as a result of flu, even lung cancer, they find the same sort of material from the lung secretions, which is labelled as “covid-19 positive”.

Even in heart attack when they check the secretion they named it as: “positive test for covid-19”, which is very unfair to label somebody as a “covid-19 positive” and then there is a special protocol for all these patients, especially the elderly ones above 70 years of age, they isolate them, and they… may go into mild to moderate symptoms. Believe me 80 to 85 percent of the positive covid-19 patients recovered without having gone into the critical situation, only 5 to 10 percent will go into the the critical situation when they go onto ventilators, and they never come out of that. Before going onto a ventilator they sign a consent form that they are not for resus (resuscitation), especially the elderly people. And they are never resuscitated, and they are left on the mucociliary ventilator, and after a few days they are declared as this patient was… “covid-19 postive”! Which is very unfair, EVERY patient who is admitted in the covid ward due to chest infection, flu and pneumonia and respiratory problem… or heart problem, or any other cancer problem is labelled as “COVID-19 POSITIVE” which is increasing the number GREATER and GREATER ALL OVER THE WORLD!

That’s why the “worldometer” which is fake, a calculator, I don’t know who is controlling this “worldometer” and who is sponsoring them? And I believe this is controlled by all the courts who are entrusted in creating this havoc so that they could chain the entire economic system of the world, and also they want to create… a… vaccination for that so that everybody would have the vaccination which would be electronically monitored through the computers, and through the electronic tags, and it would be like a quantum tattoo on their wrist or arm to declare it as positive, and that is going to happen in the future, believe me on that.

What impact the NHS has as a result of this coronavirus?

Most of the hospitals are gone empty, all the elective work has been cancelled. There is no endoscopy, no cystoscopy, no colonoscopy, no flexible sigmoidoscopy and no gastroscopy happening. All the electiveness of all sort of operations including the bowel cancers and
lung cancers and all the [INAUDIBLE] procedures have been cancelled. These patients are accumulating day by day and the number is ramping up. And what is going to happen is after some time when these courts, these crooks behind the scene are able to achieve their target, they will then introduce a health system like in America, Canada and Australia with insurance system so everybody will have to pay for their treatment which was free under the NHS before in the UK. And everybody will pay for it expenses and everything will be privatised and the hospital will only be running emergency services. And there will be more workload at the private sector, and this is another way of making money out of that.

So this is what we are experiencing in hospital nowadays, only most of the hospitals, about 75 percent, they are admitting the corona patients, they are actually not corona patients but anybody who is having flu like symptoms, chest infections, cough and fever is labelled as “covid positive” which is unfair and is theoretically speaking it is not justified management for the patients who are admitted, especially the elderly patients and those who have been cancelled for their elective operation.

How they will get it done, nobody knows? As I’ve said this is their plan and they’re going to implement an insurance system in the NHS in the near future. Thank you I will talk about the further impact of this later.

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