BILDERBERG – Corona Committee Gets Red-Pilled Deep into the Rabbit Hole by Cristina Martín Jiménez

How The Bilderberg Group is creating Global Governance at the expense of our democracies and regional sovereignty.

24th July, 2021

Spanish investigative author and activist Cristina Martín Jiménez takes Reiner Fullmich and his team on a journey deep into the heart of the rabbit hole to discover the origins and some of the main players behind the creation of the EU and the role of The Bilderberg Group.

In this 55th session of the German Corona Committee, Cristina exposes how The Bilderberg Group has operated to censor voices questioning the mainstream Covid narrative and how they have progressed their long-term goal of undermining national democracies in favour of establishing a world government in their proposed ‘New World Order’.

The spoken languages in this video are German and Spanish with English subtitles.

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