The Origins of Illness Are Inside The Vaccine – Dr. Erik Enby on The Unknown World of Particles

Introduction by Dr. Michael Yeadon including an excerpt by Prof. Luc Montagnier

11th October 2021

Known as “The doctor who refused to give up” and dubbed Sweden’s “most dangerous doctor” – Dr. Erik Enby has studied blood for the past 50 years and has been relentlessly pursued and persecuted for his beliefs and for his determination to help.

If his findings are correct, they could change the medical paradigm.

Börje Peratt producer and director

In this interview Dr. Enby discusses his findings having examined the contents of a Pfizer “vaccine” vial under a microscope and filmed what he found. During this examination he discovered that the sample was alive with moving micro-organisms he says will continue to grow inside the body. Having seen this before as prevalent in the blood of seriously ill patients he considers this very unusual to be present in a “vaccine” sample. He goes on to say that “You certainly don’t want to get injected with something like this!”.

There is an introduction at the start of the video by Dr. Michael Yeadon – ex Vice President of Pfizer, and there is also an excerpt with world-renowned Prof. Luc Montagnier.

Translation into English by Mayne Sundwell Hopkins and David Hopkins.
Interview by Börje Peratt on 17th August 2021

Dr. Erik Enby – Pfizer “Vaccine” Picture Gallery

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