Dr. Michael McDowell on Bioweapons Industry and The SARS COV2 / HIV Genetic Bioweapon Smoking Gun

Vaccine Response News Conference in Trinidad and Tobago

31st August 2021

In a Vaccine Response News Conference in Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Michael McDowell explains the covert agenda behind the creation of the SARSCoV2 plandemic, describing it as a ‘Bioweapon’.

Dr. Michael McDowell is a Christian leader who is speaking out and exposing the origins of the scamdemic. He covers everything from the reality of the deadly covert genetic bioweapons industry as the backdrop, SARS-CoV-2 design and gain of function as he “follows the money” behind global and local trends we see unfolding before our very eyes, culminating in the rollout of the real bio-weapon, the gene altering injections!

“Please check out his HUGE “INDEXED” LIBRARY ON THE CRIMINAL COVID-19 HOAX. It’s an enormous free resource where you can find out the truth about everything related to COVID-19: Find out the truth about the fraudulent testing procedure, fake case and death numbers, who Dr. Fauci really is, who Bill Gates really is, the truth about the vaccine industry and the dangers of their products and much much more.”


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