Nuremberg 2.0 Project Begins with Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into Covid-19 in Warsaw, Poland on 15-Nov-2021

Polish Delegation Invites Dr. Reiner Fullmich & Viviane Fischer to Warsaw

25th November 2021

From a historical perspective, when the Germans are invited to discuss The Nuremberg 2.0 Project with the Poles in Warsaw, Poland in November 2021, you kind of get the sense that we are exiting the twilight zone via a trip through the rabbit hole to see the Wizard of Oz on the way back to Kansas, because things are starting to get very real indeed.

Part One – Introduction

Polish Delegation & Dr. Reiner Fullmich

Polish Delegation:
Grzegorz Braun, Professor Mirosław Piotrowski, Roman Fritz, Paweł Skutecki and Jacek Wilk, assisted by lawyers Arkadiusz Tetela, Krzysztof Łopatowski and Jarosław Litwin

Corona Investigative Committee:
Reiner Fullmich and Viviane Fischer.

Please note that the sound quality in the first 5 minutes in particular of this video was pretty attrocious, so we tried our best to enhance the sound as much as possible and added English subtitles for clarity.

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