Global Anti-Vax Passport Protest March Compilation 24th July 2021

Featuring Cities Around The World

26th July 2021

Hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of people came out in an impressive show of peaceful solidarity against the so-called “vaccine passports”, or also known as the “green pass” in cities all over the world. This is only a selection of those compiled from videos that appeared on the day of the marches.

Cities featured in this video include protest marches in:

Paris, France and other French towns and cities, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal (Lisbon), Italy, Netherlands, London and Japan.

Featuring speeches by Kate Shemirani and via video link by Reiner Fullmich and Andrew Kaufman

Special thanks to the creators of the footage including:


EN Direct / VEOU

thanokokkalis (Instagram)

Resitance GB

This compilation edited by Allan Ewart (Bluecat)

Music on liccense from Epidemic Sound

Come Together by Primal Scream (Sony) under Fair Use for education purposes.

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