Dr. Andreas Noack Death Update from Anna – “Cause of Death: Heart Attack due to Tricuspid Heart Valve Failure”

According to reports – Dr. Andreas Noack died in Carinthia Austria on 26th November 2021 – Aged 57

4th December 2021

In this emotional video, Anna explains in detail how her partner Dr. Andreas Noack became ill shortly after the controvertial video on Graphene Hydroxide was published (Tuesday 23rd November). On the evening of a Zoom call interview with a man named ‘Harald’, Anna describes how Andreas began acting like he was drunk, and then collapsed in her arms.

She says that eventually when Andreas began having difficulty breathing, she called for an ambulance and administered CPR. The paramedics arrived and then he was taken to a hospital in Wolfsberg.

According to Anna, in her emotional testimony in the video, the doctors told her that Dr. Noack had died of a heart attack due to failure of the tricuspid heart valve. In the video above, Anna appears to be of the opinion that he may have been the subject of some kind of “attack using technology” that she says Andreas knew about. This is of course unconfirmed and so as yet there is no evidence of this.

After phoning around hospitals in Germany, it became apparent to us that the hospital in question was located in Wolfsberg in Austria, and not Germany as previously thought. According to this article here the “local authorities confirmed that Dr. Noack had indeed died on 26th November 2021”.

Apparently details of Dr. Noack’s funeral in Wolfsberg & St.Paul are beginning to emerge:

“We mourn the death of Dr. Andreas Noack (57) – 03.05.1964 – 26.11.2021”

Funeral (to be held on 8th December 2021)

Dr. Ing. Andreas Noack
Passed away unexpectedly on November 26, 2021
You are the greatest soul ever sent to this planet by God. For me there is no doubt about it.
You were once more forced to leave your earthly body to complete your mission from a higher dimension.
It is up to all of us to recognize and honor your legacy.
The memorial service will take place privately at your home on December 8, 2021. We will remember you with a torchlight march to the cemetery where your body will be laid to rest in the early morning hours of December 9.
In eternal immeasurable love
and on behalf of all mourners
Your Trinity – mother of your still unborn child – Anna-Carina Noack

When we have more information we will post it here.

See the Graphene Hydroxide video here:

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