Cease and Desist Video – Rachel Elnaugh

Re Chris Whitty and the “Hang” Tweet

15th September, 2021

This is the video by Rachel Elnaugh within which she mentions that Chief Medical Officer “Chris Whitty must surely knows he is going to hang for this…” commenting on his decision to push for and roll out “vaccinations” (experimental gene therapy) for 12 – 15 year old children in the UK. This decision goes against the advice and recommnedations of the JCVI who stated that any “benefits of the vaccine” versus risk [of “COVID”] present too little margin to be justified in going ahead with the vaccine rollout for children. In essence the JCVI ruled against it. Despite this, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty decided to roll it out anyway.

Rachel has come under attack for a tweet suggesting that “Whitty will hang” for this decision via a hit piece by the Daily Mail who said the tweet was “vile”. See link to Mail article below.


The ONS by their own admission (see link below) has just declared that there have been more than 30,000 deaths from those vaccinated within the first 21 days of receiving their shot in England alone in 2021.

By attacking Rachel Elnaugh, who in my humble opinion is a courageous and concerned mum speaking out against the potential harm that can be caused by the experimental gene therapy, they are doing themsleves and the children who will undoubtedly be harmed or even killed by the administration of these completely unnescessary experimental gene therapy jabs, a dis-service to say the least.

Rachel Elnaugh is simply pointing out that Chris Whitty and the other medical officers going along with this crime against humanity could indeed be held to account for this decision by being tried in a Nuremberg style trial.

So my question is: what exactly is “vile” here- a concerned mum courageously speaking out against an experimental gene therapy that could harm and possibly even kill her child? Or, the person who made the decision to rollout the experimental gene therapy against the advice of the JCVI and which could be argued is actually against the Nuremberg code?

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