Irrefutable Evidence of Pre-Meditated Murder – There Will Be a Final Reckoning – Maria Zee Interviews Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

“International Criminal Trial involving Grand Jury Investigation set to commence in a couple of weeks” – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich of The Corona Investigative Committee.

6th January 2022

In this captivating interview by Maria Zeee, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich hints at the Corona Investigative Committee’s plans for indictments to be served and an International Criminal Trial involving a Grand Jury investigation, set to commence in about a couple of weeks against four of their (“The Davos Crowd”) figure-heads – named individuals including Bill Gates, Fauci, Drosten and Tedros of the WHO.

Dr. Fuellmich refers to research done by ex-Pfizer CSO Dr. Micheal Yeadon, Prof. Robert Malone, Karen Kingston (also ex-Pfizer) as a group of scientists and researchers that reveals what he describes as “Irreffutable evidence of pre-meditated murder” confirming suspicions of the planned agenda for global population reduction and control. He says the compelling evidence shows that they are “deliberately looking for lethal doses in order to kill as many people as possible”. He says that it’s very obvious if you follow the lot numbers (in the UK we call them batch numbers).

He goes on to say that the picture is becoming very clear as to what is going on with only a few pieces of the puzzle remaining, and that the globalist elites’ plan is two-fold: “destruction of the economy and destruction of our health”.

Playing down the nomenclature of “Nuremberg 2.0”, Reiner understands that people are angry and hungry for justice and is at pains to point out that the judicial system, particularly in Germany is completely biased towards the Government and has been for hundreds of years. He calls them out as “a bunch of cowards who are only in it for the money”, and so he doesn’t expect to proceed through that particular minefield. But rather, they need to create a new judiciary that is completely separate and geared towards dealing with the magnitude of the crimes against humanity being committed, and that ultimately will be designed to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

He says we need to fight them in three main ways, namely:

  1. Through education – by exposing the plan to wake up as many people as we can – so keep sharing;
  2. Legally – via a global team of lawyers (who are already working on this) and by creating a new judicial system as alluded to above;
  3. Spiritually – although he doesn’t subscribe to organised religion, he does believe there is a spiritual aspect to this, which I personally agree with as I do believe we are indeed fighting a spiritual war.

So, hold the line, keep fighting and never give up.

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