What is it to be Human? Anna De Buisseret – Kate Shemirani – Fiona Rose Diamond

Courtesy of One Man Reports – Brighton 30-08-2021

5th November 2021

Anna De Buisseret, Kate Shemirani and Fiona Rose Diamond report from Brighton

recorded on 30th August 2021.

Anna De Buisseret is a lawyer with 26 years experience in law and a retired army officer who is challenging the Covid-19 “vaccine” rollout. She cites the case law that children under the age of 18 cannot give their consent to experimental medicine.

Kate Shemirani (aka ‘Natural nurse in a toxic world’) is co-founder of the British Nursing Alliance and determined to educate the public on potential dangers and risks of the injections currently being pushed out.

See ‘Crime of the century’ featuring Kate Shemirani here:


Fiona Rose Diamond is an activist who cares passionately about current events.

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