“Immense Legal Implications” – Reiner Fullmich – Dr Sam White – Wolfgang Wodarg

Clear Evidence of Wilful Experimentation Revealed

1st January 2022

Dr. Sam White joins Dr. Reiner Fullmich, Wolfgang Wodarg and Viviane Fischer in the 85th Session of The Corona Investigative Committee to discuss the latest law suits being filed in the UK and Internationally with some spectacular findings that reveal some startling evidence of wilful experimentation in relation to the batches of covid shots being rolled out, particularly in the US.

Some rough notes – more to follow:

Dr. Sam White

Won in the high court against the GMC.

A UK Crime Reference Number: 6029679/21

Also pending Civil action against the medicines regulator (MHRA) for gross negligence, manslaughter.

Alongside the GMC (General Medical Council) charged with failure to provide proper guidance to doctors and protect patients – on which they have failed abysmally.

Crimes against humanity at Hague – Hannah Rose, Mike Yeadon & John O’looney.

ICC had a referral from early last year as well – has a crime reference number, but this hasn’t moved anywhere.

Important to proceed through the national courts – both from a civil aspect and criminal. As long as the CPS decides to prosecute, that will take prededence over any civil action.

Young Care worker – Chelsea Dickson is about to go public.
Injured and disabled from vaccine injury.
She can’t get an exemption from her doctor in order not to have a second vaccination – and why should she given that she is now disabled and injured from the first one?

The doctors say they are following the guidance, but they are not following the law. The doctors have completely forgotten their legal responsibility, as well as their duty even under their statutory responsibility – issued by the GMC under good medical practice that their patients have the right to free and informed consent.

The GMC regards the public as uninformed and incapable whatsoever of being part of the debate or hearing an alternative dialogue. How then is that public able to give their free and informed consent?

“Thousands of Mengeles” – Wolfgang Wodarg

Wolfgang Wodarg

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