“It’s a Killer Vaccine” – Patrick Henningsen with Professors Michel Chossudovsky and Michael Yeadon

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – “It’s a killer vaccine [by design]”!

7th August 2021

Patrick Henningsen is Executive Editor and Founder of 21stcenturywire.com and presenter on UK Column.



Professor Michel Chossudovsky is Economics Professor Emeritus at the University of Ottawa, Canada and President and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization. He is also the author of the book ‘America’s War on Terrorism’.

As someone who questions the mainstream narrative on certain events such as 9/11 as well as Covid, and having been labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the MSM and mainstream academia tells me he is a critical thinker who is certainly worth listening to in my humble opinion.


Professor Michael Yeadon was chief scientist and vice-president of the allergy and respiratory research division of Pfizer.