Brave Lawyer – Anna De Buisseret – Serves Legal Notices on Vaccinators and Schools the Police on Law

Courageous Lawyer Serves – with English subtitles

The courageous lawyer is Anna De Buisseret – see bio on LinkedIn here:

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We’ve added subtitles and attempted to improve the sound quality for clarity.

Full transcript of subtitles by Bluecat:

They are causing harm.

It is against the law to cause harm.

And it’s your duty to prevent harm from happening

that is why every single one of us is here.

It is my constitutional duty as a lawyer,

I’m also a retired army officer

I serve and protect.

I’m here under two oaths.

My colleague is also a lawyer

Our principle one in our code of conduct

is to uphold the rule of law and administer justice.

So we are here complying with our duty

They can refuse to do all of this, it’s all evidenced,

and we will serve it on them regardless,

and they have to understand that each and every one of them

is liable in their personal capacity.

So that’s the law.

[muffled officer: ok thank you for clarifying everything…]

Do you know, I’m the messenger…

[muzzled officer: so I’m going to say what I’m going to say now]


[muzzled officer: right now at the moment the law says the vaccines are legal]

They are not legal, sorry you are not a lawyer

We lawyers are telling you they are not legal

they are not lawful, they are unethical, they are immoral

and they are in breach of both domestic and international law

I have to correct you, I have to correct you

and I will carry on talking even if you interrupt me

because you have made a statement of fact for the public record

that these vaccines are legal.. that is wrong

which is why we are serving these notices.

So for the public record these are not legal.

They constitute crimes against humanity

well I want to make sure everyone hears

They constitute crimes against humanity

they are bio-weapons on the evidence

this is a eugenics program, it’s genocide

That’s the evidence of senior lawyers across the world

We are the lawyers.

We know because we’ve done the legal analysis

on what the crimes are that are being committed

and your job as police is to investigate those crimes

because you are under oath

your common law oath is to the people

not to the Government

Your oath is to the people, your oath is to the queen

to uphold God’s laws, common law, the law of the land

yes it is.

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