How The Big Banks Are Conspiring To Crush Commonwealth Nations Under Communism

Greg Reese of Reese Report for Infowars

9th October 2021

“They want death because they want to mandate a vaccine. They want to mandate a vaccine because they want a social credit score, and they want a social credit score because they are planning on resetting the global currency to the digital blockchain – what millions of people in these western nations under attack would call the mark of the beast, known today as the Chinese social credit system, wherein each citizen is completely reliant upon the Government – absolute tyranny. There is no global pandemic, and the only virus that threatens humanity is the big banks, their offshoots and whomever or whatever they serve. This is quite simply the parasitic top of the global pyramid feeding off all of humanity. A former Vatican bank president has recently warned that the Covid pandemic is nothing but a fraud to bring in the Great Reset.”

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