Hydra Vulgaris AI Neural Network & Teslaphoresis – Dr Carrie Madej – Stew Peters

Transhumanism by stealth without informed consent? This has to stop now!

21st October 2021

Dr. Carrie Madej

“What are these delivery rings and what do they really have inside of them? And why are we seeing the phenomenon of Teslaphoresis happen? That’s some synthetic kind of network happening, some wires and tubes kind of happening. That means they really are trying to put an artificial intelligence network inside of a human being. Did we consent to that? No.

Again, if you want to be like that, that is your choice as an adult, right? But we’re not given a choice right now. This is wrong on so many levels, we don’t know what’s going to happen, this is the grandest of experiments.

We can disagree on certain things, but we have to come together on this. We have to protect our human rights, we have to protect our bodily autonomy because the future of us is at stake.”

“Let’s just look at these water parasites. These things have the potential to grow and be inumerable, right? If you’re growing things that is going to clog your arteries, it can clog capiliaries, it can clog lymphatics. That we’re seeing blood clotting happening, and plus the body’s response to having an infection or parasitic invasion right? – would be an inflamatory response, would be to have inflamation and perhaps clotting in the area.

So, they’re pulling out blood clots sometimes that are almost as big as my hand, you know it has been like extensions coming from the heart, it’s crazy and in young people.

I think they need to start examining the clot, taking it straight to a microscope, getting a pathology examination, looking at the tissue and seeing if there is any evidence of an organism, if there’s a parasitic organism in there. These things can grow to nanometers.

We don’t know what the potential is in the human body, but I do know it should never be injected into our bodies under any circumstances.”

Dr. Carrie Madej

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Stew Peters

“This has to be stopped, there has to be a world-wide call to stop this right now.”

Stew Peters


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