Northern Soul Smoothies Compilation

14th February 2021

Remember happiness?

A Northern Soul Dance compilation featuring 9 soul tracks to dance footage of modern Northern Soul dancers in various locations in England. In several video segments dancers took part in dance competitions in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Featured Music Tracks

If I Could Only Be Sure – Nolan Porter

Darkest Days – Jackie Lee

Packing Up – Damon Fox

Run For Cover – The Dells

Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) – Frank Wilson

I’m Gonna Run Away From You – Tami Lynn

I Can’t See You No More – Joe Tex

You Just Can’t Walk Away – Dean Courtney

Bari Track – Doni Burdick

Originators of the video footage, please send a message so we can credit you in the video. Also, if you’re a dancer featured in the video please also message if you would like to be credited. Thank you.

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