Early Warning (1981) – Full Movie – Written & Directed by David Elliot

Prophetic Predictive Programming Movie from 1981

4th November 2021

The film ‘Early Warning’ from 1981 is presented here for educational purposes under fair use given the prescient and predictive nature of the plot as it pertains to the present day and current events.

Christian researcher Jenny (Delana Michaels) is determined to get a journalist Sam (Greg Wynne) to publish a story about the ‘One World Foundation’ which is being established to control the world under a One World Government. Jenny is motivated to warn the people and to explain how it relates to the prophecies in the Bible.

Directed and written by David R. Elliott
Produced by Paul Goodman
Starring Delana Michaels, Greg Wynne, Joe Chapman, Alvy Moore, Bill Sax

Note: Pay particular attention to some subtle Masonic symbolism used in the film.

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