Intentionally Blank – The Red-Pilled Pharmacist

Pharmacist Denounces “Vaccines” When Challenged over Informed Consent

24th December 2021

Please note: You might want to skip forward from the 1:00 min mark to 1:45 while she waits for the pharmacist to return.

In this video clip, a citizen journalist asks a pharmacist if she can take a look at one of the inserts from a box of “vaccines”.

The insert is of course completely blank, except for the words “Intentionally Blank”.

What happens next results in a remarkable admission by the pharmacist that he feels “inadequate as a pharmacist” when confronted with and reminded of the Nuremberg Code, he realises that he should no longer be giving out the vaccine and states that he “no longer advocates for the vaccine”.

If you know any pharmacists, you might want to show them this video clip.

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