Videos relating to Yemen


The Truth About Yemen – With Vanessa Beeley

More than two years after a Saudi-led coalition began attacking Yemen, the country is a wasteland. Thousands of airstrikes, scores of children killed, epidemics, misery. Who’s really responsible and what can be done? Ron Paul Liberty Report


A message from Yemeni women on International Women’s day 2018


Bride among 20 killed in Saudi airstrike on wedding party in Yemen

At least 20 people were killed in northern Yemen when a Saudi-led coalition airstrike hit a wedding party. The tragedy is just the latest in a war which has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. RT America’s Anya Parampil reports.


YEMEN: The Neglected War

Thousands of civilians have died and millions more have been displaced in the ongoing hostilities in Yemen. What began as a civil war now extends far beyond Yemen’s borders. Brigida Santos hosts RT America’s special coverage of the neglected conflict.


The US may be aiding war crimes in Yemen

This video by Vox from Dec 2016 gives some background on the conflict in Yemen.


Noam Chomsky: Yemen – The Global Terrorism Campaign

Professor Noam Chomsky joins Afshin to discuss the major crisis in the West. From the ‘terror-generating’ drone strikes in Yemen which leads to Al Qaeda’s expansion to anti-neoliberal movements spreading through South America and even parts of Europe with the rise of Syriza and Podemos, could US hegemony be coming to an end? And with the ‘extraordinary demonisation’ of Russia over the Ukraine crisis, there’s a very real risk of ‘a conflict that could be terminal.’


U.S. Bombing Yemen Now, War Machine Churns On

The United States Navy fired missiles at sites in Yemen, continuing America’s long tradition of perpetual wars for profit.
Courtesy of The Jimmy Dore Show