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End of The Real Estate Boom?

Published on 25 Sep 2018

Link to the video Mike mentions:… Is this it? Is this the top of the real estate bubble? Mike Maloney thinks so, and the signs are everywhere. New York, Sydney, Toronto, London, Los Angeles…the world over, signs of real estate market excess and its resultant stress are emerging.

In the Australian real estate market alone, $1.7 trillion in interest-only subprime loans have allowed a nation of borrowers to “buy” houses well beyond their means. Over the next 4 years, $500B-worth of these ticking time bombs come due, and are set to trigger a wave of defaults. This is just one example of the crazy eye-popping madness that has come to permeate world real estate markets. Join Mike as he explores what may well be the beginning of the end for the largest real estate bubble of all time.

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The Silver Coil is Tightening – Mike Maloney

How Bitcoin Destroys The Economics Of Violence – Trace Mayer

“No amount of violence will solve a math problem.” – Trace Mayer.
This clip is taken from an interview Mike Maloney conducted with Trace Mayer for the eighth episode of his ‘Hidden Secrets Of Money’ series. It is still one of Mike’s all-time favorite quotes on the importance of Bitcoin, but due to time constraints it was not included in the final edit for the episode. Watch the full video below: 

The Bitcoin Revolution ( Documentary) Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 8