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Switzerland: UN Denounces Israeli Lethal Use of Force in Gaza Protests


Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) spokesperson Rupert Colville denounced Israeli forces’ use of lethal force against Palestinians participating in the recent protests in Gaza, speaking from Geneva on Friday. Here is the full transcript:

During the past four weeks 42 Palestinians have been killed and over 5,500 injured, 1,739 of them by live amunition fired by the Israeli security forces, along the fence. 35 of those killed were taking part in demonstrations as part of the so-called ‘great march of return’. Most of them appeared to have been unarmed, or not presenting an imminent threat to the ISF at the time of their killing or injury. No Israeli casualties have been reported in this period.

It’s diffilcult to see how tyre burning or stone throwing, or even molotof cocktails thrown from a significant distance at heavily protected security forces in defensive positions can be seen to constitute such threat. In the context of an occupation such as Gaza, killings resulting from the unlawful use of force may also constitute willfull killings which are a grave breach of the 4th Geneva Convention.

These trends call into question to what extent the ISF’s rules of engagement, which are not public, are in line with International Law, or at least to what degree the ISF is abiding by it’s own rules. The deaths and injuries sustained in Gaza over the past weeks also underline the importance of a strong accountability system for any alleged crime, as highlighted by the secretary General when he called for an independent and transparent investigation into the recent killings.

The High Commissioner says he is extremely concerned that by the end of today, and next Friday, and the Friday afterwards, more unarmed Palestinians who were alive this morning will have been killed. Simply because while exercising their right to protest they approached a fence, or otherwise attracted the attention of the soldiers on the other side.

Israel’s failure to consistently prosecute violations committed by members of its security forces encourages them to use deadly force against their fellow unarmed human beings even when they present no threat.

 Hundreds of Palestinians have gathered next to the fence along the border east of Gaza City. Israeli soldiers continue to use live ammunition to injure the unarmed protesters. (April 27) AP 

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The Empire Files – Abbey Martin interviews Max Blumenthal

After Israel injured 1,400 unarmed protesters at a Gaza march, @MaxBlumenthal says, “This massive display of violence really shows Israel’s response to the Palestinian Gandhi, which is pure violence, no tolerance for it.”


Jewish-American on Israel’s Fascism: “No Hope For Change From Within”

Abby Martin interviews journalist and author Max Blumenthal on the current situation in Palestine and the Israeli occupation. This episode covers what is behind today’s rebellion, the rising dominance of far-right, ultra-racist ideology in Israel, eye-witness accounts of the aftermath of the Gaza war, and the Israeli government’s fear of Palestinian resistance. Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and New York Times Best Selling author. He has written two books on Palestine, “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel”, and the recently-published “The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza.”


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