Palestinian Liberty Image goes Viral

This iconic photo (on the left) of a young Palestinian protester – 20 year old A’ed Abu Amro, was taken by Mustafa Hassouna on 22nd October 2018.

The image has since gone viral as many have drawn a comparison of the image to the painting of ‘Liberty Leading the People’ depicting the French Revolution of 1830 by Eugène Delacroix. The two images clearly bear a striking resemblance with Amro holding the Palestinian flag in his right hand and slingshot in his left. Lady Liberty has the French flag in her right hand while holding her rifle in the left.

‘I was surprised this picture of me went viral […] I didn’t even know there was a photographer near me’, Abu Amro said in comments to Al Jazeera. ‘If I get killed, I want to be wrapped in the same flag. We are demanding our right of return, and protesting for our dignity and the dignity of our future.’

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