Clearing the Fog with SONM

By Allan Ewart

SONM was founded by Sergei Ponomarev and Aleksei Antonov in November 2016, and now has more than 70 team members based in offices around the world including London, Moscow, New York, South Korea and Singapore.

As with all things blockchain, I usually like to look for a good dose of decentralisation, and if it’s absent then I’m a little disappointed. With SONM, I’m pleased to say there is decentralisation by way of a distributed network of computing power known as FOG computing.

FOG differs from Cloud computing services by removing the central single point of failure. In essence you can think of it as a distributed decentralised peer-to-peer Supercomputer that harnesses a global network of computing power.

Cloud computing has traditionally utilised a central server or network of servers within a centralised data centre. With Fog computing there is no longer any need or requirement for a centralised data centre. Thus, the SONM Fog computing platform provides:

  • More cost effective computing power and therefore cheaper computer services
  • Potentially Unlimited Scalabaility — technically there is no limit to the number of computer users renting out their resources

On the supplier side anyone with a computer and a connection to the Internet can become part of the SONM Fog Supercomputer network. They just need to download the software, connect to the network and get paid for contributing a set proportion of your computer resources.

Iaas — Infrastructure as a Service

SONM’s infrastructure is a flexible working mode that facilitates automated scalable processing power, servers, networks and the deployment of storage. This offers users complete control of applications as well as the ability to use the SONM infrastructure rather than a full set of 3rd party applications.

SONM Explainer Video

Real World Use Case Examples

One of the most obvious use cases would be CGI rendering for animation or film production studios on account of their highly intensive resource requirements. Examples of Companies that might benefit from this service include:

Content Delivery Network (CDN) & Video Streaming

Cloud Delivery, Performance, and Security | Akamai


Other use cases include

  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Blockchain Application infrastructure.

SNM Token

Integral to the SONM platform is the Ethereum based ERC-20 SNM Token which is used to pay for services on the SONM Blockchain.

SNM has a maximum supply of 444 million and a current market capitalisation of $17 million (at the time of writing).

Where to Buy SNM?

The SNM token requires an ERC-20 based Ethereum wallet and can be purchased on the following exchanges:

SNM/BTC | Buy SONM | Binance

SNM/ETH | Buy SONM | Binance

Liqui — SNM/BTC

Liqui — SNM/ETH

And others, a full list of exchanges is given here.


The SONM Website

Blog: Blog • Sonm

Technical documentation: About SONM | SONM

SONM Project Telegram group: SONM

SONM Token Telegram group: SONM Token Holders

Telegram news channel: SONM news

Telegram Tech Support group: SONM tech support

GitHub: SONM

Bitcointalk: [ANN] SONM • Decentralized Fog Computing Platform

Reddit: r/SONM

Twitter: SONM (@sonmdevelopment) | Twitter

Instagram: (@sonm.hq) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook: SONM

YouTube: SONM

Slack: Create Account | Slack

Discord: Discord — Free voice and text chat for gamers


Please note that I don’t give investment advice and this article is for information and educational purposes only. Readers are encouraged to do their own research and carry out their own due diligence.

Please also note that I choose to write this piece having been selected as a SONM Champion as part of their Brand Advocacy Program.

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