Bilderberg 2018

The 2018 Bilderberg Conference (no longer a conspiracy “theory”, but now a well known conspiracy fact – no thanks to the MSM) will be held at The NH Torino Lingotto Congress hotel in Turin, Italy, formerly known as NH Lingotto (more info on this ex Fiat factory / hotel below). 

Commentary on the participants list here.

Here we will be providing coverage of the Conference (7 – 10 June) from various sources including the intrepid Dan Dicks from Press for Truth and Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange.  


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If you believe that this conference is just a little benevolent get together to exchange small talk, then think again. Make no mistake about it, there are some extremely powerful people in attendance who are going to be discussing things which will ultimately affect everyone on the planet in the coming months and years ahead. To give you a flavour, check out these few examples from the official list of attendees:

Director-General, UNESCO – Audrey Azoulay (INT),
Secretary General, NATO – Stoltenberg, Jens (INT)
Cardinal and Secretary of State to the VATICAN – Parolin, H.E. Pietro (VAT)
Governor, Bank of England – Carney, Mark J. (GBR)
President, World Economic Forum – Brende, Børge (INT)
Director General, Eurocontrol – Brennan, Eamonn (IRL)
Director, Office of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense – James Baker (USA)

Prime Minister of SERBIA – Ana Brnabic (SRB)
Prime Minister of BELGIUM – Charles Nichel (BEL)
Prime Minister of ESTONIA – Jüri Ratas (EST)

Director General, Ministry of the Armed Forces – Émié, Bernard (FRA)
Henry Kissinger (USA), Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc.

Former Vice-President, International Committee of the Red Cross – Beerli, Christine (CHE)
Governor, Province of Antwerp – Berx, Cathy (BEL),
CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc – Beurden, Ben van (NLD)

CEO, Vodafone Group – Colao, Vittorio (ITA)
Chairman, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Chairman, Goldman Sachs International; Former President, European Commission – José Barroso (PRT)
Group Executive Chairman, Banco Santander – Botín, Ana P. (ESP)

The list above is only a selection of 21 out of a total of about 130 participants. There are deputy Prime Ministers, chief editors of major publications, heads of multi-national corporations, institutions and major Banks. This is without doubt one of the most serious lists I’ve ever seen at a Bilderberg Group Meeting, and here are some of the topics they will be discussing (that we are told about):

The key topics for discussion this year include:

1. Populism in Europe
2. The inequality challenge
3. The future of work
4. Artificial intelligence
5. The US before midterms
6. Free trade
7. US world leadership
8. Russia
9. Quantum computing
10. Saudi Arabia and Iran
11. The “post-truth” world
12. Current events

Bear in mind that these meetings are discussions which are held in secret under what they call “Chatham House Rules” which means the participants are not allowed to talk about what was discussed. The venues are always protected by heavy security. This is a multi-national group of very powerful individuals, including heads of state, who are discussing matters in secret that affect all of us.

In their own words – “No policy statements are issued”. Let that sink in!

I wonder if the people of Serbia, Belgium and Estonia know or understand that their Prime Ministers are attending a secret meeting in Turin this week, after which no policy statement will be issued and the outcome of the discussions will not be discussed with them, or made public?