Bluecat Media was established by Allan Ewart in 2017 to provide an independent alternative media platform delivering material the technocracy don’t want you to see.

Allan Ewart - Founder
Allan R. Ewart

Many of the videos provided here have been banned by powerful social media platforms that are now engaged in censorship. We believe that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, and we should therefore be free to engage in open debate on issues that we consider to be important and that affect the general public. We therefore aim to keep you informed as much as humanly possible.

The website is 100% independent, privately owned  with  no ties to, or funding from any Government, Non-Government related agency or any other media organisation.

From time-to-time the platform may rely on 3rd party news sources via feeds and blogs from trusted parties who also provide articles, videos and narrative that is considered to be alternative to the mainstream and state propaganda channels. We are grateful to  all the creators and originators for allowing us to share material and for making it available for public consumption.

A Note in Relation to Copyright

Please note that this site is not in any way shape or form profitable. We aim to publish content in the spirit of ‘Fair Use’ for educational purposes only and for the public good as much as possible. However, if you consider any content to be subject to copyright please bring this to our attention by letting us know by email as soon as possible so we can adhere to copyright rules by removing the content in question as quickly as possible. We will not knowingly breach copyright rules as this is not our intent.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

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